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Q Re BA744's On BA005.NRT & BA055.JNB!

Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:17 am

Hi, Can anybody tell me out there why BA always use the same High-Club 744's on the above 2 fligths. The aircraft in question are NLE,NLK,NLN,NLO,NLP,NLT,IVM, & IVO. Up until last October they were being used a lot on the BA15 To SIN/SYD, and throughtout W06/07, they were being used manly on the BA025.HKG and the BA269. LAX. These 744's were operating like this BEFORE new Club World came out. Many thanks if you can help me. Cheers from Timetable.
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RE: Q Re BA744's On BA005.NRT & BA055.JNB!

Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:15 pm

Yes, all of the flights you listed (BA0005, BA0055, BA0269, and BA0025) are almost always served by hi-J configured aircraft. The only exception is when there is a last-minute sub. Other routes that are almost always served by hi-J are JFK (though some schedules have at least one low-J), GRU, LOS and a few others. Other cities like IAD, ORD, BOS, SEA, and SFO will periodically have hi-J aircraft scheduled.

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RE: Q Re BA744's On BA005.NRT & BA055.JNB!

Sun Aug 05, 2007 4:51 pm

It is usually the same ones for a period of time as they all come out of LHR T1. This means that BA bases the 744's there and they only do T1 flights until such a time that they need to go for maintenance and come off the line, Then they will either go to do T4 flights or back to Terminal 1 again.
There are fewer high J aircraft than Mid/Low J aircraft so it is more likely that you would see them for a while on a few dedicated flights.