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Boac And LH Early 707 Cabin Configuration Question

Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:48 pm

I was watching the movie "The VIPs" recently. The movie was filmed in 1963 at LHR and at WB studios in England. It stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton among many others and is about a group of passengers stranded overnight at Heathrow by fog. It's a great look at LHR in the early 1960s for anyone interested in that period.

There are some interior shots of BOAC 707s which appear to be very accurate. Not sure if they are cabin mockups or scenes shot inside actual planes. Anyway, there is a scene that takes place in the aft section of economy. On aircraft left, three rows up from the aft bulkhead, there is a club arrangement of two three-seat rows facing each other with a table separating them a la Southwest 737s. Does anyone know if this was typical of their-436s (the only 707 BOAC had in the fleet was the -436 in 1963 -- the -336Bs and -336Cs were just barely coming on line then). If so, when did they take it out? Was it included in the -336B/C configuration?

I know early LH 707s had a small lounge-like cabin separating the F and Y compartments. I guess this is because the area across from the fwd lavs where the lounge ususally was located had instead been used for crew rest.

Anyone know about these two things? Thanks...

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RE: Boac And LH Early 707 Cabin Configuration Question

Tue Aug 07, 2007 3:40 pm

Here is a site that has many historical photos, by Decade, of British Airways/BOAC. The link has a few very good B&W cabin photos of the aircraft, but I don't recognize a Lounge. Note the Food service photo in F class. What have we come to???
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RE: Boac And LH Early 707 Cabin Configuration Question

Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:25 pm

From 1962 to 1966 I was BOAC Cabin Crew on the 707-436.

Yes, I saw part of the VIPs the other evening adn missed the interior you mentioned. However, the only lounge was a First Class one located at the left front of the aircraft. It was semi-circular in shape and took a tight 6-8 people for after dinner liqueurs! There was no lounge in the rear cabin on any of BOAC's 707s.

The initial config was 52 First with the seats coming back down as far as over the wings. I never worked this one, but did a 40 First a number of times, but usually the normal config was 20/117. I remember carrying Sean Connery on a config of only 8 First! Just to remind some here of our BOAC Cabin product, we actually operated a Monarch Service where we carved hot beef from the trolley! Yes, that was true excellent product and service!

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