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Unusual Visitor To HAJ/EDDV On 06-AUG-2007?

Tue Aug 07, 2007 1:02 am

I received some strange report from only medium-qualified spotters (= my parents) that they saw an unusual a/c flying into HAJ / EDDV today 06-AUG-2007.

This is the best description I could get out of them:
  • time: around noon 06-AUG-2007
  • Seen from about 12 nm west of HAJ, apparently on approach to runway 09L.
  • Colors: White, silver (metal), blue
  • Moving rather slowly (at least it appeared to)
  • No significant source of noise
  • Shape: some kind of Antenna to the rear of the a/c (but no radome as like the E-3 Sentry)

My other guess was a An-124 Ruslan, but this was denied.
Stipulations of a blimp were also denied.

Does anybody have a clue about this ?
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