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Checked Bags On UAL Question

Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:12 am

So the other day I was flying standby from AUS to Bur thru Denver on UAL. The gate agent told me that if I checked my bags they would go on the earlier standby flt even if I did not get one that flt. I was able to get on an earlier flt from AUS to DEN but in DEN I could not get on a flt for 5 hrs. When I finally got into Burbank my bags were on the last flt of the day( my normal flt).

So I understand I am stupid for checking a bag while try to do standby.

What I want to know is what is really supposed to happen to my bags. Should they have only been placed on my normally ticked flts even though I flew standby? If so why do they let you check bags if you flying standby? Also isnt there some rule post 9/11 that says only checked bags are allowed for boarded passengers?

Oh I have to say the UAL baggage guy in Burbank was very cool and has helped me out a few times. One reason why I love that airport slower pace nicer less hurried people.
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RE: Checked Bags On UAL Question

Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:25 am

The rule that a passenger must fly with checked bags on board only applies to international flights. Most of the times your bag will be placed on the flight that is on the bag tag, although sometimes your bags are forwarded on earlier flights if they are city bags. Most of the time i check in bags when flying standby they are forwarded and are sitting at the airport when i get there, never had an issue with my bags, but from experience i dont check in bags just because it saves me alot of time when i check in and getting my bags from the claim area.
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