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Northwest "Top Flight" Lounges

Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:17 am

I was reading William Poundstone's "Big Secrets" and he mentions that Northwest maintained lounges at its hubs called "Top Flight" lounges. These were set aside for celebrities and CAB officials and others who were in positions to help the airline's image or standing among the powers that be. Poundstone then states that either the CAB or some authority ruled that the exclusivity of the "Top Flight" lounges wasn't fair and they were opened to the public. The catch was, there were no signs or anything to indicate the locations or existence of such lounges. The way Poundstone describes them leads me to believe they were different from the normal first class club lounges that NW and other airlines have maintained for all customers flying in first/business regardless of their celebrity or political status. My question is - what happened to these lounges. I have a hard time believing they still exist obviously (the book was written circa 1982). Did they become first class lounges? or were they just dismantled all together?
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RE: Northwest "Top Flight" Lounges

Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:32 am

I can remember in the early 80's NW also had a special Top Flight phone number for reservations. I don’t know who had access to the number or what it was, but as a res agent you could be "gated" to receive calls from this line. It seemd like it was usually travel agents calling though.
My guess is that the lounges are long gone.