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E-TICKETING, PAYMENTS, ETC. Ryanair And The Others

Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:49 am

Well, Not being a fan of Ryanair, I have to say honestly that they win in many cases against the others in many practical aspects. For instance, booking-paying is easy and fast on the FR website. On the other hand, some of my last experiences. Air France: they don't have yet (2007!) e-tickets for flights from Spain; they just keep sending by post an envelope full of paper. TAP-Portugal: on their website they have e-tickets but I tried to book with them and the system wanted me to go directly to a counter and pay there (!) for my ticket; strange, outdated. Air Europa: if you want to book and pay for another person (let's say, your son) with your credit card, you have to send a fax with copy of your ID-card and copy of the credit card (many time ago Iberia used to do the same thing but them they changed their mind for the best). Well, these are some of my last experiences. And then, they always complain about Ryanair and LCCs in general, but their practices are odd, unpractical in many cases. Do you have more examples of annoying things like this? Regards
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RE: E-TICKETING, PAYMENTS, ETC. Ryanair And The Others

Sat Aug 11, 2007 1:43 am

Quoting Spantax (Thread starter):
many time ago Iberia used to do the same thing but them they changed their mind for the best

Now Iberia's process is little tricky is not unique. It has several country websites. On Spain I can buy an e-ticket with a spanish credit card (issued by a spanish bank) and enter a verification code which is on the card. (I think it's the same for other countries' webpages with respective issued cards).

If you don't, the card holder (who can be one of the passengers or not) have to show the card and ID to proceed with check-in only for the first leg of travel, not transits nor returns. This is to prevent credit card frauds. If the passenger fails to show the card used as method of payment, then the ticket must be re-issued with a valid credit card (subject to ticket re-issue and fare penalty, but i think they don't apply it). On the past they also allowed a from filled at check-in where the passengers swear that they have purchased their tickets by informing the card holder. Of course another credit card number was collected in case the payment was refused after the flight.

On severak online travel angencies, a similar methos is used to prevent fraud. On you have to send (fax or email) a copy of the card and the ID of the card holder and (spain) requires the card holder to be one of the passengers.

Those 3 cases are only for e-tickets bought on-line. When the e-tickets are purchased by phone, no further information or checks are needed.

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