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Egyptair990: Scary Interview

Tue Aug 15, 2000 2:59 pm

I was looking through the NSTB report on the NTSB website tonight, and noticed something in an interview report that I had not seen at all in the media, which I think is pretty wierd and relatively conclusive. If I am reading the reports correctly, the person who is believed to have intentionally crashed the plane is the relief first officer. (I confirmed this by other interviews in which this gentlemen was described as going to retire later in the year, which I recall from the media.) In the second interview in the packet, with one of the captains of the inbound flight, he states that he had a conversation with the relief FO before the departure. He states that "one knows 40 days before you die" that you are going to die, and that the relief FO gave him a sum of money to give to the relief FO's son if anything happened to him. (IIRC from the media, the son or a family member had not been well.) The interview was conducted within a day or two of the accident, and thus the "intentional crashing" theory had not yet arisen.

I don't know why the media hasn't picked up on this. It is fairly typical for people to give stuff away before they kill themselves. If the relief FO did that (and the interviewee took it as a sign that the guy knew he was going to die, hence the form of his statement) that is pretty conclusive. Indeed, the captain appears to have blown it off because his religion, which believes in fate, taught him not to be concerned that the man was going to commit an act but rather that the man was simply aware that his time was up.

Very interesting, and very scary.