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Air Jamacia A340?

Wed Aug 16, 2000 2:34 am

When did Air Jamacia get the A340?? I never knew that they even had them. How much do they have? What are their routes? I'd like to know, all posts will be appreciated.

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RE: Air Jamacia A340?

Wed Aug 16, 2000 2:36 am

Air Jamaica has one A340- and operates it exclusively between Jamaica and
London/Heathrow. I read in Airways that they were going to get a second one.
The A340 was delivered to Air Jamaica from a leasing company in 1999.
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RE: Air Jamacia A340?

Wed Aug 16, 2000 8:01 am

I know the boys in Miami thought it likely that the 340 would make a one time appearance on a last-minute equipment sub or other. So far no luck. With it scheduled to LHR on a daily basis, the only possibility would be a quick trip there in between London turns. Happy hunting.
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RE: Air Jamacia A340?

Wed Aug 16, 2000 8:37 pm

I remember reading in an issue of the AIRWAYS magazine where they made some kind of deal with Virgin Atlantic.