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All Tires Burst On Take Off; Royal A310

Wed Aug 16, 2000 9:34 am

A Royal Aviation Airbus Industrie A310 is now en route back to Canada after blowing all eight main
landing gear tyres in a 12 August aborted take off.

The A310 - operating as flight QN151 and with 263 passengers plus nine crew on board - was on its
take off roll from runway 26L at London Gatwick Airport at 21.30 when the crew reported a fire warning

A spokesman for Royal Aviation in Montreal says: "The handling pilot went through the standard
operating procedure of aborting the take off and at a time when the aircraft had reached 110kt.

"The pilot turned between the two runways at London Gatwick and as he did so, all eight main tyres
burst - the A310 uses air in its tyres to cool down."

All passengers were subsequently disembarked using stairs brought to the aircraft and transferred to
local hotels

London Gatwick has two runways - 26L/08R and 08L/26R - although it is overwhelmingly the former two
that are used for operations. However and exceptionally, the latter runway may be used should
maintenance or an emergency require it, but the two are not used simultaneously due to their narrow

A spokesman for Gatwick Airport says that given the late time of departure, there was relatively little
traffic around the airport and operations were not overly disturbed.

Montreal-based Royal Aviation operates a mix of scheduled and charter services from bases in Canada
the US and Europe and has recently received government approval to operate further flights as a result
of the restructuring within the Canadian civil aviation industry.
"Clive Beddoe says he favours competition, but his actions do not support that idea." Robert Milton - CEO Air Canada