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Questions About The 80s And 90s

Sat Aug 25, 2007 4:19 am

I have a few questions for all you fellow a.netters. Hope this message finds you well.

1. I remember flying a PAN AM 747 from MIA to CCS im thinking sometime in 89-90. I remember it was at late at night. I flew AA flight 903 after PAN AM closed shop but I want to know what I flew before flying AA. I know it was PAN AM, i just wanna know what a/c etc. Can anyone maybe pull up a OAG or something. I want to think it was a 747-100 or 200 or maybe even an SP.

2. What gates did AIR FLORIDA use at MIA? I knew they had different gates at some point because they were growing so fast, but any help would be appreciated. Does anyone know what gate flight 95 left from on January 13, 1982? Its the same plane that would be operating flight 90 to TPA and FLL.

3. Does anyone remember terminal B at MIA, full of planes from LACSA, TACA, NICA, AIR PANAMA, etc.? What was it like? I remember flying from SAL to MIA with an intermediate stop in BZE. good time.