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UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 11:19 am

(This thread is actually related to the "Why is UA Hated?" thread started by ILUV767). ...You're right ILUV767, UA IS hated, but I'm convinced that most of this hatred (or jealousy) is from, which is NOT representative of the general flying public.

Throughout this atrociously horrendous summer with my carrier, I'm happy to say that by and large, UA passengers have been surprisingly PLEASANT, SYMPATHETIC, and OPTIMISTIC on the majority of my flights across the U.S. Sure, many are perturbed at having to endure cancelled flights, but they correctly realize that this is not representative of typical UA operations. I'm even beginning to think that they are even MORE pleasant and patient than before the pilots' slowdown!

My cabin crew and I were sooooooo very pleased working flight 1699 this past Sunday: The flight's routing was LGA to LAX, with a one-stop in DEN (B757). Upon passenger deplanement at DEN, we had at least 20 "through" passengers remaining aboard to continue on to LA. Some decided to stay on board, while some decided to stretch their legs inside the terminal. Upon re-boarding for LAX, six of the through passengers returned with a fresh bouquet of carnations and chocolate candies for the all the crew members. They wanted to simply convey their appreciation for our outstanding service in the face of such a difficult time for UA. They actually realized how difficult the job has become for us. How nice!

Mind you, these WERE NOT UA standbys or friends of UA employees. These were fairly frequent flyers who are adamant at remaining loyal to the airline. And being California residents, they indicated that they know full well how professional United's service is, compared to some other U.S. carriers.

Now, for those regular UA bashers here, please do not predictably whine "how many times" you've been on United and how the service "was bad every time." No one here is as frequent of a UA flier as me, since I travel many, many miles working these flights weekly. I can actually sense the true passenger sentiment around our system, and I have to reiterate, MOST OF THE PAX STILL LIKE UA.

This is good.

For those of you who claim to "always" experience rudeness from United Customer Service Agents and/or flight attendants, check your own behavior for it must be something negative about you. --I just find it hard to believe that if YOU the passenger is always pleasant and courteous, "all" these employees would be rude to you "all the time." That sounds very suspect.

...Now if only we can figure out why people here are sooooo much in love with Delta (unusually so). Is it because of the high proportion of Southerners here?

Just wondering.
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 11:28 am


F L Y 7 7 7 U A L
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 11:34 am

Jealousy???? You must be kidding!!! I hate UAL from the bottom of my hart!!! hehehe I'm in love and always be with USAirways!!!

I dont like only one person at USAirways. Rick Wintraub from Arlington office. Rest of US is ok but I keep open eye on Wolf (Mr.Trader)
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 11:35 am

I'm not gonna bother reading your whole thing- I have nothing against United- but look at and the airline message board on AOL- Enough said.
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 12:08 pm

Those forums are used by pissed off people to vent...of course it would look bad! There was a similar board for Garuda Aussie who happened to be very prejudiced against Javanese Indonesians ended up commandeering the forum, and made Garuda sound like a one-plane, DC3 operation across the Sahara. He later admitted his prejudice and agreed to remove himself from the forum. Most people looking for info on an airline or who want to thank an airline do not go to these bash-fests....they go to the airline website or write to the airline thanking them for the special service they received. The malcontents will go out of their way to malign the airline in any way and anywhere they can, often greatly exaggerating. Their stories get bigger each time they tell them, and they end up pissing themselves off even more.

Not that this should be written off...their friends are more likely to listen and heed their opinions, and often spread them to their friends. The solution is to provide quality dervice the first time and every time. UA, from my experience, does this very well. It is easy to kick someone while they are down.

I can understand the sentiment that, no matter what, each passenger should be given courteous service by airline employees. However, people should step back and consider someone besides themselves! Think of the poor gate or customer service agent, with dozens and dozens and dozens of ticked off people waiting in line to get to them...each probably formulating an assortment of choice phrases for them. Most people end up being polite, although a bit gruff, but there are always the screaming, yelling idiots....the same guy that makes a great show each week at church, but drives like a maniac, swearing and cussing at everyone, when driving out of the church parking lot....the same woman, on her cell phone in her SUV on the freeway tailgating you when you are already going 85. They have to deal with these people, in a situation in which they have very little information and even less control. I wish passengers would think of it this way: the guy that's actually there for you to scream at is NOT one of the union thugs calling in sick or supposedly "stuck in traffic." They are there, as they are supposed to be, working their asses off to get you where you want to go. If you talked to a pilot, who along with management is causing the problems, like you do the gate agents or customer service reps, you would be off the flight, possibly in handcuffs in the back of a squadcar. They have that luxury, the poor slobs don't.

UA will get over these problems, and their superior service will return, no question. Just give them a break...especially those doing their damnedness to keep you happy. Realize they are tense, probably more tense than you are, and maybe if you "make their day" they will treat you and others a lot better....think of it as a little refresher in their day.

Disclaimer: I am not a UA employee, nor am I an employee of any other airline or aything to do with aviation! I am simply a traveler, and a dedicated and loyal UA passenger to the end, mainly because of crappy experiences with airline employees at times far simpler than this ordeal for UA.
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Well Said

Wed Aug 16, 2000 12:17 pm

First, I will admit that I have been annoyed and inconvenienced with UAL and their cancelled flights. But I am also mature to understand that they are the largest airline on the planet, and they got to that point because they are doing something right. On the other hand, aviation history is full of such stories at Pan-Am, Eastern, Braniff, and tons of others who fell form grace. Will this happen to United? Probably not.

Yeah, people bad mouth UAL. On this forum, people badmouth a lot of airlines. That's why forums were created - to share a point of view. But no one could classify United as a "hated" airline. Many of you who read this hate them. But we are by no means indicative of the general public.

Plus, keep in mind that it's eaier to whine than to compliment. Just ask a referee or umpire! If we are outraged or angered, we vent. If we have a pleasant experience, we usually don't mention it.

I have had good experiences with UAL. I have had bad experiences with UAL. But in all they are a solid airline made up of individuals. Let's remember that.
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RE: Well Said

Wed Aug 16, 2000 12:53 pm

What about those FF passengers and loyal passengers that just made lawsute agains UAL??????
UAL pissed off more pax in August then whole airline industry in year 2000.

BWIADCA - Nikon D100

NOT True!

Wed Aug 16, 2000 1:17 pm

I am not a "UA Basher" - in fact I like the airline, but I have heard MANY people lately complaining about UA because of ... Bad Service, Late/canceled flights, downright rudeness...
The people I know (not in any way associated with or its forums) are switching airlines to..Delta! Delta has a good record and that is probably why it is well liked.
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 3:08 pm

UALfa@jfk, I'm glad that I sparked you to take my topic higher   I, as the son of an employee love flying. I've never had any bad experiences with United. I have flown on all of the fleet types except the A319, and I love them all except the 757. Too Long! Anyway United is GREAT, and I hope to work for them as a flight attendant. Who would want to work for any other airline?
BTW, I have never heard complaints about United outside of this site    


how offen do you pass through SFO? I go there every week to fly to SMF? Are you holding a line, or on the reserve? Just wondering. Oh, BTW, thanks for all of that indepth explaining of f/a training. Jason is now in his 3 week of training, and should be in the skies in 5 
Talk to ya later!
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Wed Aug 16, 2000 4:53 pm

This forum isn't the source of all the complaints against UA. Everybody gets bashed in here once in a while. Southwest usually seems to get more of it then anybody else.

United has brought most of their problems on themselves.

You guys ought to visit

For the record I have never had any problems on yall's airline when I have flown UA.
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 12:06 am


I'm not sure how new you are to the forums, but it all flows in cycles.

UAL is the whipping boy today, tomorrow it'll be American. Everyone loves Delta today, but then it'll be Continental tomorrow (next week).

Every airline gets scrutiny, but just because it's UAL and you happen to work for them doesn't mean it's jealousy. I fly for Delta and I have absolutely no jealousy for United and can't muster a reason why I or anyone else would.

Any airline undergoing the pains of labor strife, no matter who it is, is going to get scrutinized. If Northwest took a lot of heat on the boards last summer, why should UAL be immune from it this summer?

I usually browse the boards looking for questions that I can answer about flying. I've seen my share of distasteful posts about other airlines, including Delta. I don't take it personal. I've got a lot of problems with the airlines (DAL and UAL included) that I think should be fixed also.

Being a passenger is sometimes a fairly miserable experience for a lot of people. Long lines, flight delays and food that seems straight out of a "Swanson's Hungry Man" frozen TV-dinner (my apologies to any European readers who don't know what that is). This forum is a place for a lot of people to vent their frustrations. More power to them, and keep it coming!

Don't take it personal. And besides, when passengers REALLY like you, they bring you NY-style cheesecakes, two for the cabin crew, one for the cockpit crew!  

Doug Taylor
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 12:40 am

Did anyone see the tv show "Politically Incorrect" last night. It's in LA and most of the audience members were democratic conventioneers.

Joan Rivers said,
"Clearly most of you didn't take United, or else half of you probably wouldn't be here."

Senator Barbara Boxer immediately responded without even hesitating, "Oh, yeah, United, now that's a big problem."

I think that UA will recover quickly in places like Denver, where there's not substantial competition. However, in other cities where there are more choices, I think UA's general reputation will suffer for awhile because of all the publicity. People don't say, "I must understand, UA's the best airline, even though my meeting was missed and my vacation ruined, I'll still fly on them."
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 1:23 am

United is definitely under the spotlight. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area (SFO is one of United's hubs) there are always newspaper articles and tv news stories about United's delays, etc... While some of the problems are not actually caused by the airline, they are going through some serious turmoil. I guarantee you they have lost thousands of passengers over the past few months. Why fly United who barely had a 57% on-time rating when you can fly an airline like Delta that had an 80% on-time rating? United is not a horrible airline, but they're definitely not up to industry standards. Their recent delays just compound the problem. United: just keep'll get there - someday.

RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 2:56 am

Firstly, I have never flown on United before.

Secondly, my father flew to Chicago about six months ago, with United from LHR.

Perhaps their International operations should not be compared to their domestic ones, but my father was really impressed with the United service, it was his first flight across the Atlantic without BA. The crew were extremely friendly, and his seat was one of the most comfortable he had flown in (admittedly he was in the First cabin).

He would not hesitate in flying with them again, at least on a UK-US service.

So is it the domestic United services which are a problem, or do we mean the entire network?

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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 8:04 am

I'm sorry, but when there is a website set up on the negatives of one airline, then there's something wrong. No other airline has one, but sure enough, there is
I think that United has its workk cut out for them, how many airlines can say they are having labour disputes with the mechanics and the pilots unions, simutaneously? Believe me, United is not only hated here, we just represent a percentage of the actual amount.

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RE: LH423

Thu Aug 17, 2000 8:18 am

Several other airlines have hate websites, as seen by TWA902fly's post last week...I'll name a few (Tower) (Wow, 2 for DL...Maybe people aren't soooo in love with them.)

Create your own luck.
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 10:17 am

The only reason why I don't have a really big grudge with UA is because they are a corporate sponsor of US Swimming.      

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I Agree

Thu Aug 17, 2000 11:26 am

I am a fairly frequent flyer of UAL, as I take them everytime I come home from campus. Well... I don't really have a choice it's either UAL or NWA because LAF (Lafayette/Purdue University Airport) isn't a big destination!  

I really haven't had a problem with them, yet. I did once have a flight cancelled, but I was expediously and courtiously (spelling??) rebooked on another flight. I have found the people at their huge customer service booths at ORD to be very nice and accomidating.

I do, however, have a big a problem with the way they handle their labor problems. I feel that United knew that they were going to be short handed in the upcoming summer months, but didn't do anything about it until the crap hit the fan. I think they know about this problem all way back in October of last year when the FAA cracked down on pilot fatigue. Interestingly enough the FAA gave the airlines a window from April 1999 to October 1999 to hire new pilots and the only one that was ready was Southwest.

I'm not angry at UAL, I just wish they would hurry up and hire more pilots (giving me a job!   ).

- Neil Harrison
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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 1:22 pm

Like I have said before, and many others have said, every airline has its ups and downs. Its just the nature of the industry. Its a very competitive market these days and as soon as one airline screws up people flock to another. However this usually doesn't last long, Those people saying they will never fly "that airline" again will be back, its just a matter of time.

Just in the past ten years we can look back and see how airlines change from good to bad and back to good, or even the other way around. There was US Air which suffered several crashes that gave them a bad reputation. They quickly reversed all of that a couple years ago and were considered the best. Now again they have declined a little because of intergrating new aircraft to the fleet has caused many delays and cancelations this past year. Continental was terrible 10 years ago, but look at them now. Northwest suffered the Detroit snow storm story but are going strong. Alaska Airlines has had enough problems for 3 airlines, but they will be back. It just so happens its United's turn this time. The reason they are getting so many bad remarks by people here is because most like to root for the underdog. United happens to be the biggest in the world so when they have a problem everyone is quick to jump at the opportunity to trash them. These are the same people that continue to board their planes without hessitation on their next flight.

Flying today is much different then it was only a few years ago. To that we can thank or blame the low cost airlines. There are more flights then there ever has been in the air now, and most of them are completly full. This causes an overload in the system that we have not quite gotten use too, or perhaps never will. Just look at it this way, you planned that day to fly anyway. So if your delayed or canceled, that just more planes to watch take off and land. The airline will get you where you want to go eventually.

Before I go I did have one more comment. Don't you think its funny that all us airline enthusiest are quick to point out all the negatives of an airline? We are the people that should love every airline!!!
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Interesting Site

Thu Aug 17, 2000 1:59 pm

I have had one good experience and one bad experience on United so I'll call it even. However, outside of is an interesting site:

check it out.

RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 2:08 pm

Yeah I bet UA has a lot of terrific, professional, and understanding people, but that godd*amn airline ought to be dismantled. Ok, that was harsh, what I mean to say is that I'm just so sick and tired of labor unions hijacking corporations with all their puny bickering, self-appeasement, and lack of irrational exuberance. Ok, nix the last one, but you get the idea.

Now if that sonofabitch Goodwin would stop trying to take over the world and start spending money to improve
1) customer service
2) on board ammenitys
3) friendly and well trained halp
4) and enough pilots

than we wouldn't be in this mess.

Also if that union just did their jobs like every orther American than well, the airline might be more like....Continental. kidding. but you know, just spend some money and make flying pleasant again.

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RE: UA Is Only Hated @

Thu Aug 17, 2000 8:53 pm

I dont really have a problem with any airline. All airlines have their fair share of problems. Like for example I try to fly CO whenever possible even though they had their problems when I first started flying them and of course their DC-10's are anything to write home about.NW has their problems, I was in the Detroit Snowstorm in January 1999, and to tell you the truth it wasnt as bad as people put it out to be. (I was stuck on a DC-10 for 5 hours and had to sleep in the airport from 9pm till the next flight out which was the next day) I still fly NW though. Running an airline is a tough operation, everyone out of thousands of workers arent going to be pleasant. If I did encounter an airline where every single person I encoutered was pleasant I would think I was in the twilight zone or something.

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