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Australian Airlines' A320s

Sat Nov 14, 1998 7:05 pm

I've got a Janes information group 'Airline leaders of the world' publication printed in 1990.
In this booklet it says that Australian Airlines have several A320s on order. I was wondering if Australian ever did recieve these airliners before they were merged into Qantas? Qantas dosen't have any A320s nowadays so I'm guessing that Australian only had the A320s in service for a year or two then sold them.


RE: Australian Airlines' A320s

Sat Nov 14, 1998 10:31 pm

I am not sure but I have heard that a whole new airline is starting up in Australia...maybe they will use A320 on order...

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RE: Australian Airlines' A320s

Sun Nov 15, 1998 8:36 pm

As an proud ex-Australian crewmember, the A320 situation was like this:
Australian (TN) ordered the A320 to come into service in the late 80's but the order was 'postponed' and instead TN received the 737-400. The order was on Airbus' books for many years and instead was exchanged for parts for TN's A300-B4's. With the 'merger' with Qantas, Boeing became the flavour of the day (and has been with Qantas for many years - political or otherwise?) and the 'new' QF retired their Airbus' last month. So certain of TN aquiring the A320 that in one Australain Aviation publication I still have is a picture of one in TN colours (re-touched), it is in an issue celebrating 40 years of TAA/Australian an announces the A320 arrival!
Sadly it was never to be and now QF is once again an all Boeing fleet.