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HND Old Runway

Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:48 am

Was looking at Google Earth and saw that there used to be a runway that I am assuming would have been 04/22 before being replaced.

Why was this runway closed? Proximity to the city?

It also looks like there used to be a cross runway that is now a wide taxiway.

Anyone know what HND's layout was before it became what it is today? Say...when the Beatles visited?
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RE: HND Old Runway

Mon Sep 03, 2007 12:58 pm

That's the old runway 04/22. The new runway was moved something like 500 ft towards the south. The reason was to move it away from the city but there is probably negligible difference in noise. The most likely reason is the the old runway was just getting old and it was better to build a new one. The new 04/22 runway opened around 2003. The old 04/22 was the same 2,500m in length.
There used to be two more runways situated in the 15-33 direction. All that empty space on the west-side of the current HND plot of land is where those runways and the old terminals/hangers were located.
15R/33L was situated too close to the expanded terminals, so it was closed sometime in the 1960s. Until the late 1980s, the remaining 15/33 (old 15L/33R) & 4/22 were the two runways. Runway 15/33 was something on the order of 3,150m in length.
The current 16R/34L opened in the late-1980s allowing HND to expand to three runways. The BigBird (current T1) opened in 1994. Next, Rwy 16L/34R opened in 1997 allowing 15/33 to be closed.

That large empty plot of land will be used for an international terminal and cargo facilities. They are starting some ground work already.

I probably could recite a few pages but that's the short-version of a long-history on HND.