JK / Marsans Done Deal? Hint Or Red Herring

Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:19 pm

OK , first of all , I did a search and only found these two topics both archived , before I started this thread , so if there is another already active , sorry

Lufthansa Looking At Offer For Spanair (by Laxintl Jul 23 2007 in Civil Aviation)
SAS Now 100% Fully Owns Spanair Before Sell It (by Jimyvr Jun 26 2007 in Civil Aviation)

what has prompted me is the following thread which appeared this morning when I did a google search on Spanair,'s new supplier
Spanair's new partnership with the online agency extends coverage of its online FLIGHT+HOTEL product to 30,000 hotels in Spain and 100,000 worldwide.

- By choosing as its new supplier, Spanair has extended the scope of its online Flight+Hotel product, which facilitates both types of reservation in a single purchase......

so , is this a hint that SK have already stitched up a deal with the Marsans Group to buy JK ? or is it just a normal commercial agreement that has no relationship to ownership issues ?
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RE: JK / Marsans Done Deal? Hint Or Red Herring

Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:28 pm

mmm, it looks like the latter, a normal commercial agreement. Bear in mind that although Marsans did sell his stake in Spanair they still have some contact.
However, as no noise about has been lately about this issue, it is very probably that the cooking is at maximum.

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RE: JK / Marsans Done Deal? Hint Or Red Herring

Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:01 am

My wife works at Marsans travel agency and there aren't any official notice about any purchase.

Certainly is that Spanair always have been the strategic partner of Viajes Marsans.

If I listen anything, I will post it.

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