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Merger Rumors? UA&US AA&NW

Fri Aug 18, 2000 10:27 am

is there any truth to the rumor that Ua will get the go ahead to buy US, and that AA offered NW 65 per share...Anyone have any info on this...
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RE: Merger Rumors? UA&US AA&NW

Fri Aug 18, 2000 10:29 am

Yep, United does plan on gobbling up USAirways.
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RE: Merger Rumors? UA&US AA&NW

Fri Aug 18, 2000 11:04 am

It seems that after aerospace industries merger (Boeing-Mdd, Lockheed-Martin,etc.) now USA are going to do the same with major airlines!
Anyway if AA will take a big stake in NW, the latter cannot merge with Continental as some years ago was rumored.
My opinion is that Delta could merge with Continental in order to contrast UA/US and AA/NW; if you consider the world wide partnership of both DL and CO (I mean Air France and Alitalia) you could easily imagine a big alliance including DL/CO, AF, AZ and Aeroflot.
What do you think about?

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