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Different A/C Different Fares

Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:41 pm

Some time ago I noticed on SQ's homepage that "when traveling on 777-300 a surcharge may apply".

So obviously the fare will be different flying on 773 than on 772. Apparently the seating space is different on the 2 types of a/c and that is the reason for the higher fare on 773.
I am not aware of any other airline using a similar fare policy. Commonly the fare is calculated by class of service and not by a/c type.

Today Singapore Strait Times wrote that fares on Singapore - Sydney route would be 10% higher in economy on the 380 than on the 747 and for the same reason, more spacious seating.

I am not totally negative to the idea of paying 10% more for a more comfortable seat, it is actually quite cheap compared to an upgrade from economy to economy extra when that option is available.

I am just wondering if other than anetters are even aware of different a/c types, and whether people in general will check a/c type before booking a ticket? Secondly, how do SQ administrate this fare difference. Different class code?