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NW Former SEA-SEL And SEA-KIX (Question)

Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:54 am

Can anyone tell me the period of time that NW operated SEA-SEL and SEA-KIX? I have an '86 timetable that shows SEA-SEL service, but was curious as to how long it operated. I assume SEA-KIX started later, but not certain. Thanks for any help.
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RE: NW Former SEA-SEL And SEA-KIX (Question)

Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:02 am

Not sure about ICN, but KIX operated up until around the 2000-2001 timeframe (as did SEA-HKG). KIX operated with the D10. At one point NW was set to operate a continuing leg to Jakarta, but that was around the time of the Asian economic crisis, which ultimately did in KIX and HKG.

There have been rumors persisting of a SEA-KIX return, but I don't think it's too likely for the time being. In the case of HKG, it was always full but the yields weren't there (it was operated with a 742). As next-gen aircraft like the 787 or 350 enter service, we'll probably see a return to HKG by NW or someone else.

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