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HY Dropped BHX?! Too Much Competition To India?

Mon Sep 17, 2007 5:38 am

Hey, it appears HY have dropped their BHX ops altogether, quite sad but not surprising, they relied heavily on VFR traffic from BHX to India, and i guess there are too many airlines looking for a piece of the action! I remember when BHX was the focus of their western european ops at one stage, with flights to north America routed through here as well as regular connections to onward destinations via tashkent to ATQ, DEL, BKK .

I guess the Punjabi's can still fly on AI or T5 instead, and the many other european airlines offering connections, allbeit only to Delhi.
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RE: HY Dropped BHX?! Too Much Competition To India?

Mon Sep 17, 2007 6:13 am

I think the fact that a non-stop service in the form of Air India is available for Indian Punjabis is the probably the main reason for HY leaving BHX. One thing I seem to have noticed is that Indians travelling to ATQ are not as price sensitive as once thought. For example, even though Jet Airways' LHR-ATQ flights are some £150-200 more expensive than HY, T5 and even direct services to DEL, passengers are willing to pay a premium for non-stop, quality flights to India. Hence the high load factors achieved by 9W on LHR-ATQ and and the flight being upgraded to a daily service. HY has suffered as a result of Jet's entry on LHR-ATQ with the airline reducing its 5 weekly LHR-TAS flights in 2006 to 2 weekly in 2007.

With Air India is also upgrading its five weekly DEL-ATQ-BHX-YYZ-BHX-ATQ-DEL flights to daily from October 2007, I think T5 will also find competition difficult.