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Alternate 747 Assembly Location

Tue Sep 18, 2007 8:47 am

I am reading the book "747" by Joe Sutter. I came across a part where they discussed other places for the 747 to built. They said Walnut Creek, California. I live near Walnut Creek, CA that is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Was this ture about them actually thinking of developing it there and if so, were they just goingto build parts and ship them or would they have built an entire airfield and that would have become the 747 assembly plant and test center and also the homeo f the 767,777 and 787 line. I just cant see the Contra Costa area and surrounding cities and terrain playing home to such a masive plane and airfield. OR is there another Walnut Creek in California?

BTW the book is a pretty interesting read if anyone is wondering.