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C-141 For Sale On Ebay....

Sat Aug 19, 2000 5:11 am

There is a stripped C-141 starlifter for sale on ebay. Item #404544233. It is at $7,100 dollars right now with2 hours left on bidding.

My guess is it's going to be purchased and cut up as scrap.

It wouldn't make a good home because it doesn't have any windows.

I don't think it will be put back into flying condition because that would be too much work, and an enourmous expense. It's not even a classic.

I can only imagine the cost of dismantling the aircraft and moving it to a different location to be reconstrucetd.


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RE: C-141 For Sale On Ebay....

Sat Aug 19, 2000 5:25 am

Very interesting....................

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RE: C-141 For Sale On Ebay....

Sat Aug 19, 2000 3:45 pm

Intriguing indeed. Who would want to buy a StarLifter on the Internet? Is it being sold by an airport trying to recover parking fees? Only the US Air Force flies the type - why did that one get to that state rather than be scrapped by the Air Force itself or being in service (as some are)?

All the same, that type is a classic as the C-5 Galaxy took the same basic design and expanded upon it.

Hope that the plane does not just become barbed wire and tin cans...

Hop to it, fly for life!

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