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Sydney Olympics

Sat Aug 19, 2000 10:05 am

With all the thousands of athletes flying in to Sydney from all over the world there's some unbelievable airfare deals on offer. I got hold of a Sydney - Osaka ticket for just USD 312 return. And on top of that there's a domestic price war right now in Australia. Impulse, Ansett, and Qantas have Sydney - Brisbane for just USD 17 one-way. You can fly 747-400s, 737s, 717s, and 767s between Sydney and Brisbane for USD 35 one-way. Virgin Blue starts here next month. Richard Branson says they say they can go lower ! At the moment it's cheaper to fly to Brisbane from Sydney than it is to take a cab from Sydney CBD to the airport !
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RE: Sydney Olympics

Sat Aug 19, 2000 10:41 am

ahhhhhh, but it's easier to catch a cab than get a cheap seat on an airline