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Praise Be To SWA

Sat Aug 19, 2000 12:03 pm

I recently booked a flight form Orlando to St. Louis, and Southwest had the best fare. I have never flown on SWA before, so I am looking forward to it.

One interestng thing: Two weeks after booking the flight, I had a minor change to my travel plans, and had to actually postpone my flight by one day. I called SWA, expecting to pay the typical $50 or $75 fee associated with changing your flight plans.

Imagine my surprise when they told me that they do not charge any fees for changing itinerary. All of the majors that I have flown charge you if you need to make a change. I thinks it's great that SWA does not. I am looking forward to flying them, but already I am impressed!
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RE: Praise Be To SWA

Sat Aug 19, 2000 1:43 pm

You'll love it  
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RE: Praise Be To SWA

Sat Aug 19, 2000 1:49 pm

The same happened to my mother when she was traveling on business. They asked her to stay an extra day for a seminar and Southwest changed her itenerary at no charge.

Also, Southwest gives credit stamps during check-in for their frequent flier program. The policy clearly states that no stamps will be given after the flight. I had forgotten to get my card stamped at check in, however, the gate attendant was nice enough to give me full credit since I was close to a free roundtrip.

They didn't have to do that, but they did and service like this keeps Southwest flying high.
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RE: AAtripleseven

Sun Aug 20, 2000 2:23 am

The same exact experience happened to me when I flew SW from BWI to CLE last month.

I've flown SWA several times over the past five years, but fairly infrequently. As a result, I always saw no need to get the Rapid Rewards card, because I knew the credits would just expire before I could build them up.

But now, since I forsee flying SWA a reasonable amount in the next year, and because of their double credits for online booking, I decided to subscribe to the program before the flight. One problem--I'd already gotten my boarding pass (#14), and the line for check-in, where you get your credits stamped, was about a mile long. If I got into that line, I'd have missed my boarding group, and getting there early to get a good number and a good seat would have been made completely moot. So I decided to forego the credit and turn the application in when I returned from Cleveland.

When I presented the card and application at check-in, the nice young woman at the counter gave me credit for both legs of the flight, despite the fact that their policy dictates otherwise. I got a bit of a good-natured chiding, but I didn't mind.

This is precisely why SWA is so great--I'm probably never going to use those Rapid Rewards credits, but getting them when other airlines would have denied me them was just another plus for flying with WN. Thanks, Southwest!  


RE: Praise Be To SWA

Sun Aug 20, 2000 3:53 am

I have done that with SWA too. In a side note - I just got back from my trip out west to LA, but not on WN. A desperate search for hotels one night landed us at the Burbank airport. I went into the Chevron on Hollywood way, filled up our rental, and then asked the attendent "Do you have Jet fuel tanks, too? I've seen in the news that Southwest 737's like to stop here". The responce was "Your not the first to say that!"