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Eclipse Aviation Predicament - Aviation Week Art

Mon Sep 24, 2007 4:46 pm

Well, after 10 years and $1B+ of inverstor's money, Eclipse Aviation managed to reach a milestone of 50 EA500 jets delivered, while prices for the jet doubled to about $1.7M in 2007 $.

Where do they go from here? Do they manage to finish the plane (FIKI, GPS, fully functioning avionics, etc are still missing) and increase production/sales to a profitable and sustainable level? Or do they falter with an unfinished plane, an unrealistic production target, get taken over in CH 11 and start anew with lower rates, higher prices to face competition from Cessna, Embraer, Honda, D-Jet, Adam, etc...?

Below is a link to an Eclipse piece published today at Aviation Week and Space Technology.
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