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Sun Aug 20, 2000 11:59 am

I'm new to this internet sit. I have been surfing around some of the older questions and one of the topics was the 777-100. Sombody please tell me what a 777-100 is! NWA was trying to get Boeing to build it?
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RE: 777-100

Sun Aug 20, 2000 1:00 pm

It is a proposed variant to the 777-200 and -300. If they build it, there will be five versions already in production. It kind of makes sense, Northwest could use them to replace their old DC-10's. But Northwest is not in great financial shape, and is considered very unlikely to be the launch customer for a new variant. On top of that, no one else has shown any interest in the plane AS FAR AS I KNOW. Boeing already makes 767-300's and 767-400's, either of which kind of overlap the 777-100 in terms of capacity. So no one really knows what will happen.
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RE: 777-100

Sun Aug 20, 2000 5:45 pm


The 777-100 was among the proposal of Boeing back in 1978. It was actually a tri-jet 767.

More recently, the 777-100X is a project which has been core part of the whole 777X development, with eventually 777-200LR and -300LR going ahead, but still there was a true request from American Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Even more recently, this is a proposal to Singapore Airlines as a replacement for its A310s. It is still unsure whether the aircraft should be a simple shrunk 777-200 or an ultra-long-haul aircraft.

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