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Fri Mar 05, 1999 6:36 pm

What airline would you fly non-stop from Seattle to Tokyo-Narita. Northwest Airlines, United Airlines or American Airlines. Northwest Airlines flies a Boeing 747-200 and sometimes a 747-400 during the busy season , United Airlines flies there 747-400 and sometimes there 747-200 aircraft and American Airlines flies there with a MD-11.

American Airlines will start Boeing 777-200 to Tokyo from Seattle soon and United Airlines is planning to.

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Fri Mar 05, 1999 10:23 pm

I would fly United. Maybe Northwest if they had a deal or something.
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Fri Mar 05, 1999 11:44 pm

I will fly NW or AA because I joined both airlines frequent flier program. In fact, I would fly AA because I have never flown MD-11 across the Pacific.
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Sat Mar 06, 1999 7:01 am

I'd try and fly NW for the FF miles.

But, if I was connecting to domestic flight to another city within Japan and had to take the bus (75min) to Haneda, I'd try and get the american flight or united, since it arrives in Narita the earliest. Many cities have thier last flight out of Haneda before 6:00pm

Of coarse if I was taking the train to another city from Tokyo, then I'd take the NEX (Narita Express Train) to Tokyo Station and catch the Shinkansen out of town. In this case I'd probably go back to NW for the FF miles.

Of coarse I would like to fly a 777 so....