Sun Aug 20, 2000 8:42 pm

Can anyone please tell me the difference between the B747-200 and the 747-200B (range and engine power).

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Mon Aug 21, 2000 4:20 am

i have no idea
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RE: B747-200

Mon Aug 21, 2000 4:38 am

More powerful JT9D engines (therefore more range) and an internal extension to the Upper Deck - it goes further back inside the 'bubble' (which has the same exterior shape). I think some early -200s (definitely not -200Bs) still came with the three window Upper Deck instead of the later, classic ten windows. Probably some avionics and other improvements. I know Qantas didn't want -200s, they waited for the -200B, so the difference must be more than just cosmetic. I think it was mainly in the engines.
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RE: B747-200

Mon Aug 21, 2000 4:42 am

I think Cedarjet is right.
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