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Anyone Have A South Africa Icao Map? Code Question

Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:39 pm

Hello Everybody!

For some photo uploads, I'm looking for the ICAO code of Bapsfontein Airfield in Gauteng. Now there are two fields at the town of Bapsfontein, one is the former Microland Airfield at 25°58'30.94"S 28°23'16.49"E (see Google Earth), the other one is the airfield I'm looking for, at 25°59'24.04"S 28°25'0.26"E.

Now it's very confusing when one looks this up on the internet, first of all you get almost no results at all, then the code FABA is sometimes associated with Microland, and sometimes refers to a runway 1.2 kilometers long, which can only be the other airfield.

Also I remember when I was there that the field in question has no 4-letter code but a 5-character code (you know, the ones with letters and numbers)

Does anybody maybe have a map of the area? There has to be some sort of info on this.

By the way, the photos I'm planning to upload are rather interesting, they show the Antonov 2 that recently landed there inbound from eastern Europe, when the pilot illegally landed at the much too small airport, stopped the plane and ran away and was never seen again.

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RE: Anyone Have A South Africa Icao Map? Code Question

Wed Oct 10, 2007 5:06 pm

Hi Birdwatching,

I think you wrote bad the name you are searching for. I think you are searching for Babsfontein with "B" and not with "P".

According my South African friends consulted, Babsfontein Airport, has not ICAO or IATA airport code.

Sorry for not to answer you with a positive post.


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