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CO DC-10 Emergency Landing At Ewr?

Mon Aug 21, 2000 10:11 pm

Hi Y'all!
While waiting for my flight to DUS at EWR yesterday, I witnessed at least eight airport fire trucks plus several police cars moving out to the taxiway adjoining runway 4R/22L around 3:45 p.m. Soon afterwards, a Continental DC-10 touched down and taxied to the very end of RWY 4R. For the next ten minutes or so, the aircraft remained there, being surrounded by both fire trucks and police cars, and then slowly taxied to the CO maintenance hangars without retracting slats or flaps.
Has anyone heared about this incident? I have taken several pictures of it and will try to upload them during the next couple of days.
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RE: CO DC-10 Emergency Landing At Ewr?

Mon Aug 21, 2000 10:28 pm

Hey, I don't know anything about this but I would like you to keep my posted please!
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RE: CO DC-10 Emergency Landing At Ewr?

Mon Aug 21, 2000 10:29 pm

Thanks, TriStar500,

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.

Details of the last serious (and some would say, near-catastrophic) CO DC-10-30 incident at EWR which occured in April can be found at:

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