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US Airways Shuttle Ammenities

Tue Aug 22, 2000 12:09 am

US Airways Shuttle offers rear deplaning for flights arriving at Boston Logan, New York LaGuardia and Reagan Washington National Airports. Pre-reserved sedan service is also available at all three US Airways Shuttle Airports. -- from the US Airways shuttle site.

How does the rear deplaning work? And has anyone taken advantage of the car?
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RE: US Airways Shuttle Ammenities

Tue Aug 22, 2000 1:03 am

I flew US Airways Shuttle last Wednesday from DCA-LGA-DCA and their was no rear deplaning at either airport.

Maybe rear deplaning is only available for people using the reserved sedan service?
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RE: US Airways Shuttle Ammenities

Tue Aug 22, 2000 1:09 am

I fly the Shuttle regularly, and they regularly use rear deplaning at both La Guardia and Boston. With the 727s they used to use the central rear exit, but with the A320 they simply use the left door (2L). A staircase attaches itself to the aircraft. You walk down and around right into the building.

The intention is to save time by using multiple exits, but I don't think it really does that because you have to subsequently walk a much longer route to get back into the terminal building.

But for aviation fans it's lot of fun because you get to see your aircraft close up from outside, plus walk on the tarmac.
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RE: US Airways Shuttle Ammenities

Tue Aug 22, 2000 1:23 am

All the US SHuttle flights I've been on (except to IAD which is no longer considered shuttle) had rear exiting. Perhaps they don't do it if the flight is rather empty.

It was cool to walk down the stairs at DCA, but unfortunately, it was also damn hot in May. 95 degrees outside.
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RE: US Airways Shuttle Ammenities

Tue Aug 22, 2000 5:47 am

I have deplaned from the rear on both the US Airways Shuttle and Delta Shuttle. My question is: Why don't they board through the rear door also? Boarding through two doors would be much quicker.
By the way, I like using the rear door so that I can see the plane up close. Sometimes they park the aircraft so you can't see the tail number from inside the terminal, but by using the rear door, that is not a problem.

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