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Who Shapes The Future Of The Aviation

Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:22 am

I have been reading a lot of topics that basically discuss where aviation is going and consequentially what types of aircraft will be required. The consensus appears to be that there will be a small market for very large aircraft with the majority going into large twins (A350/B767). Covering some very long haul and a lot of direct traffic point to point traffic. With the basic assumption the busting of the big hubs with everyone flying direct to anywhere they want (a bit of an over simplification).

To this mix is being added the FAA considering/planning to introduce a congestion fee and the British govern are planning to go from a per passenger charge to a per passenger plan. I see these as trying to ensure that planes are flying full to make the most use of the limit resource that is the sky.

I feel that forces outside of Airlines, Manufactures, and Passengers will not decide the future look of aviation and the planes that fly but rather it will be Governments who will shape the future and that future will be some what different that what people expect. What do you think?

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