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SIA Cargo JFK Ops Crashing And Burning

Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:56 pm

Singapore Airlines Cargo is pulling its final freighter SQ7991. The last freighter is Oct 28, routing JFK/AMS/DXB/SIN. Only a few years back SQ operated 5 weekly freighters into JFK: SQ7989/SQ7991/SQ7993/SQ7995/SQ7997. I know only the following routings:

SQ7991: JFK/AMS/DXB/SIN (Operated also: JFK/AMS/SHJ/SIN)

I forgot the other freighter routings. If anyone can help with that I would appreciate it.

Any idea whats going on with SQ? They used to be the leaders of the industry with their freighters from JFK. Now the have major layoffs in their cargo division, as well as the cancellation of their final freigher which was a real money maker once upon a time for DXB.

Appreciate your resposes...
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RE: SIA Cargo JFK Ops Crashing And Burning

Sun Oct 21, 2007 9:13 pm

Singapore Airlines Cargo is restructuring to better match capacity with demand and to increase the company's profitability. Unfortunately, evidently they see JFK as being adequately served with the daily B744 bellyhold cargo capacity offerred on SQ026/SQ026.

Hopefully one day, dedicated freighter services will resume.

Singapore Airlines Cargo is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines Limited.
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