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Why Are Flights To CMN, TNG And ALG So Expensive?

Fri Oct 26, 2007 5:00 pm


Why on earth are flights to Casablanca and Tangier so expensive when compared to other destinations ?

For example why would a flight during low season to TNG cost around £200 and during the high season £350-£400. Whilst flights to Gibraltar (less than 50nm away from TNG) cost around £100 return on BA during the high season. The same applies to CMN. This summer on a flight to CMN with BA i paid £270rt. The flight i was on (BA6918 op by GB Airways). The flight stops in Casablanca then onto RAK for an overnight stop. The pax next to me was heading to RAK and paid just under £150rt and booked his flight two months after me.

Why is this when we are on the same flight and it costs BA more to fly to RAK (fuel costs) then it is to stop in CMN ? Does CMN have a higher charge to handle PAX or is there a possibilty of price fixing with AT ? RAK receives competition by Atlas Blue (a subsidiary of AT), Easyjet & and many european LCC's.

After the EU-Morocco Free skies agreement in 2006 you would think prices for CMN and TNG would go down but instead Prices have dropped on flights to FEZ, Agadir and RAK mainly due to LCC competition.

Any Views ?
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