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Lockheed Lodestar? At ONZ 10-29-07

Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:22 pm

Last night I was driving by ONZ (Grosse Ile, Michigan's airport) and I spotted what looked like a Lockheed Electra Junior or a Lodestar taxiing on the ramp. A few minutes later it took off. It was polished aluminium with WWII era USAAF markings. There were some other people stopped on the road to watch it take off and some people hanging around the ramp watching too. With all that attention I guess it is not local. Does anyone know anything about it? I wasn't planning on even going by the airport, but a buddy of mine and I decided to go out for a beer at a bar we never had been to before. He had never been on the island so we just went over there and happened to see this classic airplane.
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