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Checked In Luggage And Labelling At AMS

Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:18 pm

My parents are flying from AMS to BKK with Eva Air and from BKK ( same airport ) to HKT with Thai Airways at 24 February 2008.
There travel company informed them that there suite cases can’t be labelled all the way to HKT ( Phuket ) when they check in at AMS Schiphol Airport and have to be collected at BKK and checked in again when they fly to HKT.
So the travel company is now advising them to have a 6 hrs stopover at BKK instead the 2.45 Hrs stopover.
As they are both almost 80 years old and don’t speak English this would be a disaster for them.  Sad
Me experience in the past with China Airlines to BKK is always that it should not be a problem to check in the luggage from AMS to HKT.
EVA AIR office in Amsterdam is not very helpful in this case because there answer is that a longer stopover is always better then the so called short one. LOL
EVA AIR don’t have there own people at AMS but another company is doing this for them.
Does anybody know where I can get the correct information and confirmation that my parents can label there luggage all the way to HKT when they are flying.