TW Should Codshare With JetBlue

Wed Aug 23, 2000 9:37 am

ok hear me out.

There are quite a few parrallels between the two, I think its very feasible. Follow me.

TW used to have a very significant domestic newtork at JFK based out of Terminal 6. Its system has been whitlled down to LAX, SFO, and Florida. JetBlue has and is in the process of building ground up a new doemstic network at JFK just one terminal over from TW's. In fact its in the very same old TW domestic terminal, 6.
What I envision is JetBlue funneling domestic passengers to TW's European, middle eastern, and Carribean service and TW sellling seats on JetBlue's domestic serivce to inbound international travellers and others planning to travel in the US, who are unfamiliar with JetBlue but familiar with TW. However, this endeavour is easier said than done and its unsure of course weather either Neeleman or Compton would accept it. Why?

Well JetBlue as we know has spent considerable time, money, and energy into its image. Its really all the airline has to differentiate itself from scores of competitors. In fact Metrojet and Spirit offer what JetBlue does from a much better location (LGA). And Delta Express already has a built-in incentive with NY's very large SkyMiles membership. So if JetBlue were to lend its name, marketting effort, and sales to TW it would expect that TW offer absolutely comparable service. The two airlines would have to meet at a common denominator and arguable JetBlue's is higer, meaning TW would have to incorporate leather seats, PTVs, on time service, friendly F/As, and all the other hallmarks of quality JetBlue service. This sounds like an effort, but clearly the benefits outwiegh these short term costs. What do you all think?

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RE: TW Should Codshare With JetBlue

Wed Aug 23, 2000 12:48 pm

I would like the idea b/c TWA is the worlds best airline and JetBlue is cool too but since the two airlines are run completely different, it will never happen. JetBlue is a low fare airline. TWA is NOT. I just won't happen