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Above & Beyond Customer Service

Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:52 pm

This was posted today on Deltanet... In an industry that seems to get way more negative media than positive.. I just wanted to share this.... it's always nice to hear about the good.

Our commitment to customer service sometimes even transcends competitive boundaries.

That was the case when Cheryl Keama and Patrick Burns, both 125/SFO, helped a wheelchair-bound passenger of United Airlines this summer.

The grateful customer, Joseph Flanagan of San Francisco, presented Cheryl and Patrick with certificates of appreciation last week.

Joseph’s ordeal began after his United flight to San Francisco diverted to Los Angeles because of mechanical problems. Upon landing, Joseph noticed that his wheelchair had been damaged. He reported the damage to United, but got no help. He was then placed on a Delta flight to SFO.

When Patrick heard about the damaged wheelchair upon the passenger’s arrival at SFO, he immediately worked to resolve the situation.

“The wheelchair damage clearly originated with United, but we felt it was important to pull out all the stops and resolve the situation for Mr. Flanagan as quickly as possible in order to restore his mobility,” Patrick said. “As a side benefit, we left him with a very positive impression of Delta.”

Cheryl got Joseph a loaner wheelchair, had his chair picked up for repairs and followed up during the repair process. After two attempted repairs failed – one resulting in the wheelchair breaking down while Joseph was trying to cross a busy intersection, Cheryl arranged for a new wheelchair.

“It gives me great pride to know that I have not just ‘done my job,’ but that I have done everything that my job allows me to do in making a difference in someone’s life,” Cheryl said.