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Spotting @ SYD

Wed Aug 23, 2000 2:24 pm


"Sorry if this question has been asked several times".

l'll be in Sydney this weekend and with a little spare time on Saturday afternoon and a leave pass from my girlfriend, l want to use this rare opportunity to take some airliner photos out at Kingsford Smith.

Could some of airliners.net Sydney residents help me with some good locations and directions for some of Kingsford Smith's better viewing spots.

Many thanks,

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RE: Spotting @ SYD

Wed Aug 23, 2000 3:39 pm

Have a look at the unofficial SYD airport website, it has some good info.

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RE: Spotting @ SYD

Wed Aug 23, 2000 4:27 pm

If you don´t have so much time and you have to stay at the airport: Try the Ansett Domestic Terminal, Gate 40! If you have enough time: Try the Botany Bay Beaches!
BTW, I hope, you enjoy your stay in this beautiful city
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RE: Spotting @ SYD

Wed Aug 23, 2000 7:05 pm

Gate 40 is great for spotting. Not much for photography due to the glass.

Also in the International terminal there are other large windows by Mcdonalds and other cafeteria. But if you dont have a ticket you must pay for the transfer between domestic and international terminals (about A$3).

Enjoy such a great place.