Jorge Chavez

Wed Aug 23, 2000 3:20 pm

Have any of you flown to Lima Peru?? What is the airport likr there i heard it was being remodeled??

RE: Jorge Chavez

Thu Aug 24, 2000 1:57 pm

Have any of you ever been there??
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RE: Jorge Chavez

Thu Aug 24, 2000 2:15 pm


I was there in Feb of 99. I flew AeroMexico from L.A. to Lima and Aeroperu and Mexicana on the way back.
Peru is a very beautifull country with great people.

Jorge Chavez needs a major overhaul. When I was there a new radar system had just been installed. However, the terminal was in very bad shape. I really don't want to speak bad about it here, but I just want to let you know that it's a terminal made in the 1960's for the jet age and never upgraded since then.

The International airlines didn't even have a big logo where the check in counters are located. Instead, they had a small plastic plate up on the wall with their small logo printed on it.

I really hope that the Peruvian aviation industry improves. It's quite disapointing to loose all the national airlines. Faucett, Aeroperu, Americana, T doble A, the list goes on and on. But airlines just can't seem to make a buck there. The problem I saw was that there was cut-throat competition especially with AeroContinente offering $25.00 dollar one way fares to any part of the country. By the way, that airline is owned by a drug loard.

AeroPeru's 757 and Faucett's 737 crashes were disastrous for those airlines. Just sad, because I fllew with Aeroperu about a month before they shut down.

I really hope that TACA Peru and LAN Peru make it. They seem to be very cautious. They only fly about 2 routes each in order to avoid AeroContinente's ridicule
fairs. Sooner or later AeroContinente is going to have an accident with those old 737-100's and 727-100s. But the gov. seems like they don't really care.

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Fri Aug 25, 2000 9:25 am

Yeah its true about Peru's Airport but in the present they are being remodled and so is the airport thatnk you for that comment about Peru   If you tallk to any one who traveling there tell them to check it out or if you do so yourself

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