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Maersk Air And The DHC7?

Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:11 pm

Maersk Air of Denmark operated four (?) DHC7s in the 1980s: OY-MBD/E/F/G

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Photo © Erik Frikke

I was wondering what the story behind Maersk Air and the Dash 7 was. From pictures I have seen it appears that they used the aircraft for domestic flights, although the STOL capabilities obviously were not needed for any of the airports in question. IIRC, the Dash 7 followed the similar-sized HS748s, but I doubt that a four-engined STOL-aircraft was more economical to operate than the HS748.

Any insight into this form our friends from Denmark?
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RE: Maersk Air And The DHC7?

Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:14 pm

I think they also operated BLL-SEN with them.
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RE: Maersk Air And The DHC7?

Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:26 am

In fact Maersk did utilize the extreme STOL properties of the Dash-7, mainly at CPH.

For some years they operated in their own way when the wind wasn't strong. They landed on RWY 30, coming in at a 6 degrees glide slope right over the city, and ended the landing roll way before they crossed the two main runways 04/22 L/R.

Taking off from RWY 12 they used the same few hundred yards of 12/30 to climb right over the city center.

The low noise and steep climb and descend properties allowed that unusual way of operation, and it saved a lot of time and fuel on their domestic flights to destinations mostly west or north-west of CPH.

The Dash-7 could that way often be faster than a 737 or DC-9 on the same sector, for certain if the 737 / DC-9 had to be put on hold for landing on mostly 22L or R. Also because taxi distance to and from the domestic terminal was very short.

But after a few years operating that way the authorities didn't allow it any more. ATC was considered too complicated. They had to mix with all other traffic at CPH. It ended the Dash-7 days at Maersk, and they were replaced by F-50s which were cheaper, faster, more fuel efficient and slightly larger planes.

It was loved by the public. It earned the nickname "Windmill Park".

The Dash-7 is still a necessity for the air traffic infrastructure in Greenland where runways are extremely costly to build.
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