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Primera 605/606 GOT-LPA: What A/C?

Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:54 am

So me and my buds will be taking a lovely winter getaway to Gran Canaria the first week of December, and we'll apparently be flying with this airline named Primera (never heard of it previously i must admit), although from my research here on Anet it appears to be an icelandic company.

I understand that they operate a fleet of B738s and B763s, and now my question to anyone who might now is which type will we be flying on? GOT-LPA is quite a long flight (3900km) so i can imagine that the B763 is not entirely an impossibility to get on that kind of routing..personally i'd hope to fly on the 76 instead of the 73.

Does anyone know which type they use on these Scandinavia-Canary islands flights?
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RE: Primera 605/606 GOT-LPA: What A/C?

Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:31 am

On 13 Oct, 20 Oct and 27 Oct Primera 605/606 was operated by TF-JXD B738.
I would guess a B738 would be likely.
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