Airline games

Sat Mar 06, 1999 1:32 pm

Are there any airline/airliner games? [ other than flight simulator]
If there are, are they for the system of playstation and/or sega genisis? [because those are the systems i have].

RE: Airline games

Sat Mar 06, 1999 1:45 pm

There is one called Aerobiz and Aerobiz Supersonic for Super Nintendo.
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RE: Airline games

Sat Mar 06, 1999 11:00 pm

If you go to and you can down load a free airilne game made on Qbasic. The game is pretty good, but I need to improve it.

RE: Airline games

Mon Mar 08, 1999 7:28 am

Glad to see there are other people interested in this topic (and even working on a solution!). I've got a list of all the airline games I could find:

JDA -- I tried to visit your page, but I can't get any response from -- I'm dying to try out your game!

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