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Cooling off period

Sat Mar 06, 1999 1:40 pm

I think that BA and Antonov should have a 'cooling off period' to avoid these little fights. Anyone agreed?

Oh, and BA--please...don't take it personally, as a lot of the time, you do.

RE: Cooling off period

Sat Mar 06, 1999 2:19 pm

I agree with you fly777ual. I do not understand why Antonov envies me. But I agree we should get back to talking planes!
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RE: Cooling off period

Sat Mar 06, 1999 4:16 pm

That's a great idea, fly777ual. As I've posted before, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it. If you want to trade insults, do it by email, not here.

This is not directed to anyone in just seems that these little personal arguments have been occurring more and more frequently. I don't think anyone here wants to see the forum go in that direction. Let's keep a great thing going.

Just remember to look at Johan's rules before you post.

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RE: Cooling off period

Sat Mar 06, 1999 4:49 pm

I second that motion! Take a few days off and come
back with a fresh attitude! You two and others are just
to nasty! This world would be a better place if people
would just follow the rules and are willing to be constructive!


Mon Mar 08, 1999 2:39 am

British Airways 747 doesn't understand why Antonov envies him ???
I don't want to create another "fight", but I'm convinced that it would be better that BA 747 stops with playing such childish corrector-games and with thinking that he knows everything about the aviation.
BA747 is really good informed for some aspects but he must also know that there are A LOT of aspects in the aviation from which he doesn't know anything at all !

You're 16 years, BA747, there's also a lot to learn for YOU ! Don't forget that !

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