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Current Status On Delta Ship 139? New IFE/seats?

Mon Nov 12, 2007 7:52 pm

Based on a post that I have previously read at FT, Delta ship 139 (N139DL) was supposed to be the first domestic 767-300 to get the new seats and IFE. It was stated that it should be in service by the week of November 12. While the week isn't over yet, I have been wondering what is its current status. Is it still in the shop getting the mods? Has it been pulled?

If any user has any photos, I really would like to see interior shots of the aircraft. I remember that there was great hype when the first 737-800 got the mods. I have actually been waiting to see a domestic 767-300 with the new seats/IFE more than the 737-800. The domestic 767-300s are rather old on the inside, with short seats and outdated IFE. The 737-800, for comparison, still looked quite modern on the inside as the seats were fairly tall and the IFE was fairly modern.

Also, does anyone know of the new seating configuration for the domestic 767-300s? I know that 12 seats will be added, making a total of 262 seats. If I would guess, two seats would be placed at 26A and 26G. An extra row of three center section seats may also be placed at the back of the aircraft. The remaining seven seats would perhaps either be placed in between rows 20 and 21, or in between rows 46 and 47. Since the projector screens will be removed, the seats in the main cabin can be more evenly spaced and could allow for extra room for more seats.
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RE: Current Status On Delta Ship 139? New IFE/seats?

Tue Nov 13, 2007 8:19 am

Dude, you start way too many threads on DL's IFE. Seriously, start one mega-thread and be done with it already.