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Express Jet Ont-abq

Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:57 am

I usually fly lax-abq on southwest regularly for business and recently found express jet from a billboard near the fwy. I looked them up on line and found the fares to be pretty good. I live in LA but I dont mind the drive to ont. as the security screening process is 10x faster as there is not the glut of people found in LAX. The jets of express jet are tiny compared to 737s and the leg room is a bit cramped on the window seats, but on this short of flight I dont mind. The flights have all left on time and a couple of times we were actually early to the destination. I love the boarding process with assigned seating and not the heard mentality of southwest. I will continue flying this airline from now on, I hope they do well and maybe someday they will fly out of bur.
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RE: Express Jet Ont-abq

Tue Nov 13, 2007 3:09 am

Thank you for the positive feedback. Hope to see you on more Xjet flights. And look at it this way, by flying on a smaller a/c you deplane a lot faster. Nothing worse than sitting last row of a 757!
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RE: Express Jet Ont-abq

Tue Nov 13, 2007 3:26 am

Hi Taber00

I also have loved Xjet every time I have flown them so far, I found their service excellent even on the shortest of flights, and their crews friendly and always willing to engage in conversation. I agree with you on the legroom issue of the ERJ (I actually perfer CRJs, even the 200s, contrary to many on this board) and since I am relatively short at 5' 7" I tend to try and use that space to store my carry on bad, and often I find it insufficient.

Overall though, I have enjoyed myself when flying Xjet, they offer a great product at a great price! Unfortunately, their branded operations have not done as well as I would have hoped and said operation is still losing money for XE, but I am hoping they can turn themselves around and become profitable soon!

Also, XE has started operations at LGB serving MRY, FAT, RNO, and GEG so check them out their as well!
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