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Usps Cnet & 2007 Christmas Rush, News Or Updates?

Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:48 am

Whats the story on USPS and the CNET contract? I'm surprised there still is nothing set in stone. I've been checking USPS news as of late and I havent heard anything. It's already 1 week before Thanksgiving, and after Thanksgiving is when the rush just about begins (December 5th, more/less is when packages really pick up). Whomever wins, can they really get ready in time on such short notice?

Last I remember, in 2006, the CNET contract was decided weeks before November 14th (the current date), giving Kitty Hawk decent time to prepare.

Which companies are competiting for the CNET contract this year? I heard one potential company was ASTAR Air Cargo, to base the CNET ops at CVG at the old DHL Sort-hub. If this is true, and with ASTAR already handling a good portion of DHL's flights around the country, and will still do so around Christmas, where will they find the aircraft to fly the USPS mail and parcels out of CVG? Yet alone handle their primary ops, which is hauling cargo and parcels for DHL?

Perhaps ABX Air will also get the contract, joint with ASTAR, if at all possible (can there be 2 airlines on a CNET contract?). Afterall, ABX Air are still receiving their newly converted ex-DL 762's, so i'd assume they'd have plenty of lift for CNET, especially with their large fleet, plus a few DC-86 spares. ASTAR, ehh, what, 722's and DC87's? The A300B2's are just about gone. Surely not enough lift from ASTAR, right?

Also, anyone have any potential route-upgrades for UPS, Fedex, and/or DHL (Astar/ABX)? In otherwords, any markets getting aircraft upgrades from say, 752's to 763's, 727's to A310's, DC-9's to 2x DC-9's, etc.? Or is it too early to tell?


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