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Why Did Qantas Drop Sfo?

Fri Aug 25, 2000 10:32 am

I have always been curious about this, since SF was one of the first destinations of their's in the US going back years and years. I remember very well in the 70's, always seeing a Qantas 747 there alongside the Pan Am 747's in the OLD international terminal (the round one) (I flew a lot from SFO when I was a kid). I know it went SF-HNL but from there where did it go? Also when did they end that flight, it couldn't have been more than 5 or so years ago. Their whole US operations was based in No. Cal. Also, I have heard that UA's nightly nonstop to Sydney from SF is doing well, so would they ever reconsider the route?
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RE: Why Did Qantas Drop Sfo?

Fri Aug 25, 2000 10:41 am

I don't know exactly why Qantas stopped service to SFO and transferred operations to LAX, as SFO is a shorter distance from Sydney (using great circle routes) and all that.

But there are rumors that the Flying Kangaroo will again be flying to the City by the Bay, apparently it recently did a low fly-by over the Golden Gate Bridge, probably for a photo op. But we'll just have to wait and see!

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RE: Why Did Qantas Drop Sfo?

Fri Aug 25, 2000 11:36 am

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RE: Why Did Qantas Drop Sfo?

Fri Aug 25, 2000 12:20 pm

I'm not sure the reason was United so much as that United was the primary benefactor of QF leaving. Rumor has it that UA sends QF a Christmas card every year for their error.