Pilot Ranks

Fri Aug 25, 2000 11:46 am

I was wondering what ranks airline pilots can hold, i really want to know what united pilots ranks are, but anything will be good, thanks you.
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RE: Pilot Ranks

Fri Aug 25, 2000 10:50 pm

UAL, like every airline, has the ranks of Captain, First Officer, Second Officer (AKA: Flight Engineer).

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RE: Pilot Ranks

Sat Aug 26, 2000 5:00 am

no, the ranks like like sr capt, capt, etc
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RE: Pilot Ranks

Sat Aug 26, 2000 6:08 am

Captain, First Officer, and Second officer are the ranks. If a captain was hired in 1969, and is still flying now, I would call him a senior captain. There is another category called check airmen. These pilots are the ones that go on check rides to make sure the other pilots are performing their duties in the proper manner.
I guess the highest rank a pilot can receive is Chief Pilot. Those guys are management pilots who I would assume are bogged down with paper work. The chief pilot is the head Check Captain. The rest of the check pilots are his/her staff in a way. There are check second officers, check first officers, and check captains.
I hope this answers your question