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Fate Of DC10's?

Fri Aug 25, 2000 12:50 pm

Didn't get the full details but the news here in SF today mentioned a NW DC10 having to return to SFO enroute to HNL due to engine problems. This seems to be quite common here in SF on the news, ie. a DC10 on its way to Hawaii returning back to SF.. Do you think a time will come soon when we really do not see these planes at major airports? I mean I know UA's schedule from SFo to HNL, OGG, Lihue, and Kona now show either 742, 744, 757, 767 and 777 but do not see DC10 on their winter schedules. But, Hawaiian still has the 2 daily SF-HNL DC10's. Have good memories of 10's. UTA, British Caledonian, Western, National...
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RE: Fate Of DC10's?

Sat Aug 26, 2000 12:45 am

Yes, the DC-10s are being phased out. If you look at American and United, their DC-10 fleets are dwindling. Northwest still operates a significant number of aircraft. American still operates 20. Continental operates 27 and Northwest has a whopping 45. I live near SFO and yes, the number of HNL bound DC-10 returns has been quite high in the past few months...