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BA Fly Out Of A Grounded Economy - What Next?

Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:52 pm

Now that BA has pulled out of Harare, Air Zimbabwe have announced that they will increase frequencies to LGW from 3x to 5x per week.

Considering that they only have two 767's, and that they are already flying them not only to LGW but also to Singapore and Beijing, and Singapore and Guangzhou (according to Wikipedia), how can they find the extra capacity for two extra weekly runs to LGW?...let alone the extra money/fuel/WILLING PASSENGERS to fill the flights.

Has anyone flown on Air Zim recently? What was it like? Where the flights full? What does their long haul timetable look like?

Also, has anyone noticed the bailing of many airlines from HRE recently? Zambian Skyways and Ethiopian have added their names to a list that has grown considerably in recent years.

On a personal level, may I wish Zim, it's people and it's airline my best wishes in this difficult time.

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