Boeing/Airbus advantage...........

Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:30 am

Lets say my airlines fleet consists of B737NGs 757 767 & 7772s. My competitors' fleet is comprised of A319/20/21 & A330/40. Does either fleet have any real advantage over the other?

Is the ability to takeoff from a row of 6 pennies with a 757 and the durability of 737s override the fact that a 737 pilot moving on the the 757 has to be retrained or the seeming lack of comfort of pax on 737s?

On the other hand does the commonality and easier transitions to other A-jets (Airbus) make up for a preceived lack of choice from airbus compared with the B-line (Boeing)? what about fuel? and how about the side stick for right handed pilots? whats your opinion?

All responces appreciated!, Lance

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